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Our story.

The history of Precious Soles.

In 2002, Precious Soles emerged as a footwear retailer in Potters Bar. Founded by Peter Varnavas, his son and daughter needed new shoes every 6 weeks because children are children – they just keep growing.


The logical thought was that if all children need shoes this often, then children’s footwear retail is a good and sustainable business to go into. Little did he know however, kids are unique, and he soon learned that it was much more varied than he initially thought.

2003 - 2008

Over the years of interacting with customers, patients, and manufacturers – as well as being a member of organisations such as The Society of Shoe Fitters – Peter and his team have learned what it takes to be a shoe-fitter. From the importance of measuring feet accurately, to the way every person walks, Precious Soles has grown into much more than a simple children’s footwear retailer.

2009 - 2021

Withstanding the imminent explosion of e-commerce, Brexit, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Peter has always kept the same mindset throughout. He has kept customer service at the forefront. And today, Precious Soles still stands in Potters Bar as an award-winning retailer.


Located in a new premises, medical appointments can now be made via the in-house clinic. As for the footwear offered, they are hand-selected, with most of them promoting good foot health. All this, plus the dedicated team and medical partners, means that you can rest assured that Precious Soles will be taking you the whole journey.