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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

We always try to fit to the approaching size (this may not always be possible due to foot shape, proportions or for certain lower limb conditions) plus children’s shoes generally have a half size growth allowance built in to the footwear.

Spring stock starts to arrive in February through to April, for summer back to school deliveries are in July and August and autumn winter stock arrives in September and October.

There may be many contributing factors for bunions, please click here for more detailed information.

This can vary depending on the wearer, their use, how often they are worn and the type of activity and surfaces the footwear is being subjected to. Gait can also have a major affect on the wear of the footwear.

The arch is found under the foot and runs along the medial edge of the sole. The instep runs along the top of the foot, starting behind the big toe and going up to the ankle.

During pregnancy, not only will the feet be prone to swelling, but the body makes adjustments such as making ligaments more elastic. The impact this has is with the increased mass of carrying a baby and the decreased rigidity in ligaments means there is greater chance for feet to change shape and potentially change size. This change in foot shape happens naturally throughout adult life, however it is exaggerated by the body’s changes during pregnancy.

Precious Soles will only accept returns and offer a full refund on any items deemed to be faulty from time of manufacture within 40 days of purchase.

If you wish to return an item later than 40 days after purchase, either you will need proof that the fault occurred before the 40 day period or the product will have to be left with us and the fault will then be analysed by the manufacturer and a decision made by them, on whether there is a fault in the manufacturing process, a fault with the materials or if the footwear has had unreasonable wear applied to it. This process can take up to a few weeks.

Unwanted items without proof of fault must be bought back within 7 days of purchase in original packaging and in purchase condition for a credit note or exchange only.

Where alterations or adaptations have been done, a refund will only be issued for faulty materials or manufacture.

All exchanges or refunds must have a valid proof of purchase.

This policy is not in conflict with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Flying will cause feet to swell for up to 3 or more days. This can both effect measurement’s and fits of certain styles, so always try to allow a few days after flying before getting new shoes.

Fortunately, we have many parking options. There is parking on Darkes Lane, up to 30 minutes free but you need to display a ticket or for up to an hour it is 70p.

We have two car parks which are very close by one is off Manor Road the other is off Byng Drive. You also have the option of parking in the camera operated car park in Sainsburys which is about a 3-minute walk away, for up to a maximum of 90 minutes for free. Finally, we have a disabled parking bay outside the shop.

This is the six-million-dollar question. This is not something we can control; all we can do is allocate extra shifts for our staff to help minimise the waiting time.

We have an appointment system and recommend booking an appointment for your visit, to save on waiting times.

We are delighted to say that when you are intending to purchase footwear from us the fitting is free. To find out more about our fitting process please click here.

Please contact us either via e-mail or telephone, and we will be happy to assist you.

We are happy to place orders on items that are in stock from our suppliers. These need to be paid for in advance together with a delivery charge applied by our suppliers of £7.00.

We always need your feet so we can accurately measure them and your existing footwear to check the wear and fit. Please also ensure you come in with clean socks appropriate for the footwear you are looking to buy.

This can sometimes happen for a variety of reasons, so please click here for more detailed information.

We have a paediatric Podiatrist as well as an adult podiatry clinic. Both practitioners are HCPC registered and we manage the appointment books for both the clinics.