Post-booking Information.

What to do after you’ve booked an appointment with us.


Thank you for booking an appointment with us!

You will receive a SMS and an e-mail to confirm your booking. Two days before your appointment, you will also receive a reminder.

In line with current affairs and our own policies for the shop, there are a few things that you need to know before you come in. Please read the following, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

What to bring with you.

A clean pair of socks.

For footwear fitting appointments, please bring along a clean pair of socks. This will be needed when trying on our footwear, in order to respect our COVID-19 guidelines. If you forget to bring them, we have some available, but you will need to purchase them.

A face covering.

For all appointments, we request that you wear a face mask or covering for your own personal safety, in accordance with our COVID-19 guidelines. Our staff will already be equipped with PPE.

Medical notes.

If you have been referred from a Health Care Professional, please bring any notes relating to the health of your feet. This will help us with understanding any issues for clinic appointments, and will help us when recommending footwear for footwear fittings.

Your current footwear.

You are welcome to bring recent footwear, if you think that it will help describe any problems that you are having with your feet.

Arriving for your appointment.

We request that you only arrive within 5 minutes of your appointment. This is because there are other appointments taking place during the day, and we want to ensure the safety of our customers, as well as our staff. In the event that you are running late, please give us a call to let us know.

When you arrive, the door will be closed. We have a locked-door policy to assure the safety of our staff and customers. Therefore, please ring the doorbell so that we know you are here.

For child fittings, each child may only have one accompanying adult. Similarly for adult fittings, you can have only one accompanying adult, should you need assistance.

During your appointment.

As we are a footwear retailer, there are many displays to showcase our products. Because of this, we kindly request that you refrain from touching the displays.

Also, please ensure that you stay within your allocated fitting area, apart from when you are instructed to walk in any footwear that you are trying on. The allocated areas are separated by high-visibility tape on the floor.

Finally, we need children to be supervised at all times by the accompanying adult.


We look forward to seeing you!