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Meet the team

We work in an industry where the people behind a company are key in building the confidence within its customer base. We have strict principles which is upheld by every member of the team and combined with high levels of knowledge, expertise and competence. These are key attributes that can be found in the Precious Soles team. This in turn creates a strong base of trust and loyalty from our customers.

Through months of training and years of experience in fitting footwear of all different styles and shapes from multiple brand, the pursuit of knowledge with our medical partneres and our abilty to work as a team to ensure that from the simplest of fittings to the most complex, we can meet any challenge and find a solution. We constantly strive to give all our customers the best possible experience when fitting them with footewear. Meet the team below and then come in and let us welcome you, and introduce you to our unique footwear buying experience.

Shoe Fitters

Peter Varnavas


Jonathan Varnavas

BSc GSR Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation

FSM Instructor

Maria Evans


Gisselle McDonald

Shoe Fitter (in training)

Kirsty Whitely


Alex Evans

Shoe Fitter 

In-house Medical Practitioners & Specialists

Jonathan Varnavas

BSc GSR Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation

FSM Instructor

Jill Ferrari

PhD, BSc (Hons). HCPC

Ms Mitle Patel

HCPC Reg, SRCh, MChS, BSc (Hons) Podiatric Medicine

Covid-19 Guidelines

The 2 most important things to remember for your visit to Precious Soles.

Please ensure that everyone coming into the shop is wearing a face mask. This applies to anyone aged 6 years or older unless exempt from wearing a mask in which case please be as protected as possible.

Please bring an extra pair of clean socks to change into in the store for every pair of feet we are fitting. This is to make sure there is no bacteria transmitted from existing footwear to new footwear.