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Adult's shoe-fitting.

About this service.

Our standard foot and footwear assessment is what every customer experiences when they come in to have their feet checked. This is a standard check and is a free service, to ensure you are in the best footwear for your needs.

What you can expect.

You can expect a friendly welcome, with a focused and professional approach to your footwear fitting. You will have your feet measured and assessed, and then we suggest footwear that may help any conditions or challenges you are facing. We fit footwear to your feet and to your specific needs, and will only provide you with something that is comfortable, and that can help make a difference.

The process.

Our assessment process starts from the moment you walk into the shop. You have a dedicated, trained fitter who will listen to your needs and wants. They will discuss with you any foot, lower limb, and back issues that need to be considered. Further consideration is given to any medical information from a medical professional, prescription, orthotics, or splints. We assess your walking and your gait, and then measure your overall foot length, your heel to ball and your width, while considering your foot type, toe length, and instep height.

How we choose footwear.

Firstly, we listen to your requirements of the type of footwear you are wanting, and what it is going to be used for. Using the information gathered during the measuring and assessing process, we direct our attention to the styles we have available to meet your desires and your needs. Every item in our stock room has been assessed and tagged to fit certain foot types, while addressing different ailments and conditions.

What we look for.

Comfort, foot position, the correct amount of width, ease of putting on and removing your footwear, manageable fastening, and ease of movement. We want you to feel the difference, which in turn will improve your everyday life. This is why we always endeavour to provide footwear that our customers like and will really enjoy wearing. Our advice and knowledge is passed on to you, but the final decision is always yours.