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Peter Varnavas.

Member of The Society of Shoe Fitters / Director.

Peter has been a member of The Society of Shoe Fitters since 2005. His no compromise approach to foot health and footwear fitting has resulted in Precious Soles having a nation-wide catchment area, as well as recognition from some of the world’s leading Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) in Paediatrics, Podiatry, and Physiotherapy.

He is a stickler for maintaining high standards and this is seen through the way he trains his staff at Precious Soles, and how he motivates them to continuously develop their skills.

Peter relishes a challenge and the words “impossible” and “can’t” do not exist in his vocabulary. This mentality has led the team to develop some of the most beneficial and unique adaptations seen in the footwear industry, that have since been used by Premiership and Championship football clubs, world leading HCP’s, and up-and-coming young athletes.

The leadership and qualities that Peter brings to our team at Precious Soles is inspirational, and instils confidence in our customers that the service and quality they will receive is second to none.