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Jill Ferrari.

In-house podiatrist / HCPC registered.

Jill is a HPC (Health Professions Council) registered podiatrist and has been qualified since 1989.

Following her training at the London Foot Hospital, she worked for a local NHS trust before becoming a lecturer in undergraduate podiatry in London. She specialises in biomechanics and particularly, children’s foot problems, and has worked for many years with the Rheumatology team at the Hospital for Sick Children – Great Ormond Street. Her interest in paediatric foot problems developed during her PhD, which she completed in 2004.

Jill is a contributor to many professional journals and continues to be active in podiatric research as well as presenting at postgraduate conferences.

By being involved with student education, Jill ensures that she has up-to-date knowledge of foot problems. Her treatment philosophy is that patients should be made aware of the level of evidence available regarding the best practice for their condition, so that they can make an informed decision regarding their treatment.