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Jonathan Varnavas

Jonathan is our specialist fitter with more than 8 years’ experience fitting footwear for both children and adults and together with his degree in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation has developed a unique and effective approach to assessing how footwear can affect lower limb function.

Jonathan also worked with Shaftesbury Barnet Athletics Club as their Sports rehabilitator attending their training sessions and meetings. He works very closely with our medical partners at Sutherland House for cases that require expertise in hypermobility, strengthening and Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

His attention to detail is second to none. Once he has a clear understanding of all information he has gathered during his extensive assessment he is able to not only fit the footwear, but also goes  to great lengths to ensure that his customers have a good  understanding of the reasons behind his advice, fitting, lacing and any adaptations that may be required.

Being hypermobile himself he is able to show great empathy with many of the customers, young and old who have been referred to us by medical professionals and shows a great understanding of their requirements. His passion and enthusiasm for the effect of footwear on lower limbs, allow him to fit to the highest standards by creating bespoke solutions to individual requirements.

Jonathan Varnavas

BSc GSR Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation

FSM Instructor

Call 01707 643322 to book an appointment or send us an email via the contact form.

Covid-19 Guidelines

The 2 most important things to remember for your visit to Precious Soles.

Please ensure that everyone coming into the shop is wearing a face mask. This applies to anyone aged 6 years or older unless exempt from wearing a mask in which case please be as protected as possible.

Please bring an extra pair of clean socks to change into in the store for every pair of feet we are fitting. This is to make sure there is no bacteria transmitted from existing footwear to new footwear.