Size does not matter! It is only a number. Every foot is unique and requires a detailed analysis before any attempt is made to fit footwear.



Always an efficient and professional service. We have been buying shoes from here for over 8 years and never had cause to complain.




The team

Our team at Precious Soles has a combined experience of over 35 years and each member brings their own identifiable methods that make us the unique, friendly and welcoming footwear retailer that our customers appreciate.


Peter Varnavas MSSF (Member of the Society of Shoe Fitters)

peterPeter has been a member of the Society of Shoe Fitters for 10 years. His no compromise approach to foot health and footwear fitting has resulted in Precious Soles having a nation-wide catchment area, as well as recognition from some of the worlds leading Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) in Paediatrics, Podiatry and Physiotherapy.


He is a stickler for maintaining high standards and this is seen through the way he trains his staff at Precious Soles, and how he motivates them to continuously develop their skills.


Peter relishes a challenge and the words “impossible” and “can’t” do not exist in his vocabulary. This mentality has led the team to develop some of the most beneficial and unique adaptations seen in the footwear industry, that have since been used by Premiership and Championship football clubs, world leading HCP’s and up and coming young athletes.


The leadership and qualities that Peter brings to our team at Precious Soles is inspirational and instils confidence in our customers that the service and quality they will receive is second to none.

Maria Evans (Precious Soles Certified Fitter)

peterMaria joined our team in 2011 and has grown from strength to strength. Being a mother of 3 and a long standing Precious Soles customer, she understands the importance of what we aim to achieve with every customer. Aside from being a mother at home, she has certainly established herself as a mother figure at Precious Soles with her effortless patience with our younger customers.


Maria is a favourite with many of our customers, and certainly knows how to hold the fort too! While other members of the team might be out, Maria is there keeping things organised, and all this while becoming an accomplished footwear fitter.


Maria’s working day cannot start without her morning coffee. Her positive approach has helped establish Precious Soles in many of the playgroups and nurseries in the area to help promote foot health from a young age.


Maria’s nurturing qualities and bubbly nature, makes her an instant success, as many customers that meet her will surely tell you, they leave Precious Soles with very happy feet.

Jonathan Varnavas BSc (Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation)

peterJonathan is our specialist fitter with  more than 5 years experience  fitting footwear for both children and adults and together with his degree in Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation has developed a unique and effective approach to assessing how footwear can effect lower limb function.


His attention to detail is second to none. Once he has a clear understanding of all information he has gathered during his extensive  assessment  he is able to not only fit the footwear, but also goes  to great lengths to ensure that his customers have a good  understanding of the reasons behind his advice, fitting, lacing and any adaptations that may be required.


Jonathan also works with Shaftesbury Barnet Athletics Club as their Sports rehabilitator attending their training sessions and meetings. In April 2014 he accompanied the athletes that visited Cyprus for a weeks training and competition and had the opportunity of working with the Cyprus Olympic Association. These experiences have helped focus his interest and needless to say he is our sports footwear expert ensuring that all athletes, whatever their sport, are in footwear that matches their individual gait style and is fit for purpose.


Being hypermobile himself he is able to show great empathy with many of the customers, young and old who have been referred to us by medical professionals and shows a great understanding of their requirements. His passion and enthusiasm for the effect of footwear on lower limbs, allow him to fit to the highest standards by creating bespoke solutions to individual requirements.

Kirsty Whitely MSSF (Member of The Society of Shoe Fitters)

Kirsty Joined us in 2017 full of desire and enthusiasm as a back to work mum. This positive attitude helped her grasp the important aspects of shoe fitting very quickly. Despite being completely new to shoe fitting with her fearless approach, we were able to trust her with our customers within a few weeks. This strong desire to learn has helped her to complete the Society of Shoe Fitters course.


As a mum Kirsty totally understands the importance of footwear on young feet and lower limbs and does whatever she can, to deliver the best service and fit. Kirsty has become a fitter of choice for many of our customers. She can easily adapt to the needs of every customer and shows a real interest and concern especially with the really young ones who come in looking for her and cant wait to give her a hug. She has a caring nature and likes to give her all in an effort to achieve the perfect fit and have her customers leave totally happy with their new footwear.


Kirsty loves to tell a story, Oh yes, she does believe me, with the same enthusiasm as she approaches her work. Her bubbly and outgoing personality can become rather infectious and her can-do approach keeps on benefiting us and the customers she serves.