Size does not matter! It is only a number. Every foot is unique and requires a detailed analysis before any attempt is made to fit footwear.



Always an efficient and professional service. We have been buying shoes from here for over 8 years and never had cause to complain.





In Store Fittings

Our Sport brand of choice is Asics, and for good reason. When we look at footwear we look at how it is made and what benefit it can have for our customer’s lower limbs, back and performance. In this sense Asics is a fantastic brand. In terms of running and training footwear, Asics have all of the bases covered, from support to cushioning, in all sports from running to hockey. We find they are easy to fit and require very little (if any) adaptation, even with the most complex of feet.


Please be advised, the colour of Asics usually denotes a different type of footwear. Each model also changes every 1-2 years in terms of technology and will usually fit differently so it is very important to get your trainers checked every 6 months (for those doing regular exercise), or every year for those wearing them for occasional exercise and daily wear.


When we fit Asics we will occasionally use elements of our advanced assessment at no extra cost to ensure we recommend the best trainer for you.



Adaptations for Professional Athletes


At Precious Soles we have developed a unique way to adapt leather and synthetic sports footwear, through deconstruction, and reconstruction without losing any of the footwear’s integrity or the sponsor’s logo, due to our colour matching services. This makes it an ideal adaptation for professional athletes.