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Hypermobility Strength Assessment 

Jonathan Varnavas

Strength assessment £80 (Ages 8 – 18) 60 minutes

Follow-up assessment £65 (Ages 8 – 18) 30 minutes

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Since graduating Middlesex University in 2011 in Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation, Jonathan has taken courses to specialize in Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) to become an instructor level practitioner.

From teenage years Jonathan has had an interest in sport, specifically athletics. This was his main driving passion to learn more about how the body functions and how to fix it when it was not working optimally.  This translates greatly into day-to-day life, as injuries don’t discriminate between day-to-day life and sports.

Being hypermobile, Jonathan has a very personal understanding of what it takes to combat the negative symptoms that can arise. This has allowed him to develop a unique treatment method that combines FSM and strengthening exercises to yield faster results from which both children and adults can benefit. This technique   allows for muscles that are weak to learn how to activate before being given a daily exercise program. This combination can also work for post-surgical therapy or in cases of muscle weakness and imbalance which cause or exacerbate a problem.

Jonathan is also a personal trainer and uses this in combination with his knowledge of rehabilitative exercises and biomechanics in 1-1 rehabilitative training sessions and education on correct biomechanics for different exercises.

Jonathan’s hypermobility is a big motivator to educate other hypermobile people on how to best take care of their bodies, to be pain free and fully functional. While working with Precious Soles, Jonathan created great connections with many hypermobile children and this fuelled his inspiration to help educate children and parents on what to expect and tailor goal orientated exercise programs that keep the children motivated and show consistent improvement.

Jonathan’s knowledge combined with his specialization in Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), has allowed him to test and develop a unique technique that allows a hypermobile person with low strength to experience what it will feel like as their strength improves. This technique also activates the weaker muscles to make the exercise program that a child does at home feel like its achievable and in turn makes it more impactful in a shorter space of time.

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