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General Rules of fitting

Size does not matter! It is only a number. Every foot is unique and requires a detailed analysis before any attempt is made to fit footwear.


When we measure your feet on one of our gauges, the size given is the starting point from which to begin our assessment of what shoe is right for you.


All brands make their footwear differently, and within each brand several styles will be made on different lasts. This means that when we measure your feet it may not correspond exactly to the final shoe size that you are fitted with. At Precious Soles we fit the footwear to your feet to guarantee comfort, support and as much longevity as is possible.
Many customers ask when to have their footwear checked so here is an estimated guideline to follow:

  • First Walkers: 4-6 weeks
  • Toddlers: 8-12 weeks
  • Primary School: 3-4 months
  • Teenagers: 4-6 months


If you notice a growth spurt within this period please come in to be checked as we promise only to sell you footwear if children’s feet have grown in size or the integrity of the footwear has been compromised through wear.


While adults change footwear less frequently, it is still important, especially with sports footwear and footwear that is worn on a daily basis, to be checked at least once or twice throughout the year.


Please note; it is not possible to fit high heels or footwear without a fastening. We do not deem these styles of footwear to be suitable for every day use and advise that if they are to be worn it is for special occasions and for limited periods.

Adult fittings

Research shows that over 80% of adults are either in the wrong size or ill-fitting footwear. A little known fact is that feet continue to change and grow throughout your adult life.


In order to maintain healthy feet, adults should benefit from the same attention to detail that is given to children’s shoe fittings.


At Precious Soles we will use 6 different measurements as well as looking at your foot proportions before we decide on any appropriate styles.


To read more about how we assess and measure feet and lower limbs please follow this link to our assessments page.

Children's fittings

As we are given one pair of feet to see us through the many years of our lives, it is important that we look after them from a young age.


50% of children could develop foot and lower limb issues because of ill-fitting footwear.


Because children’s bones grow at a rapid rate, it is vital that their shoe size is checked regularly. The growing bones must be supported and protected appropriately to promote healthy development.


Our unique fitting service at Precious Soles does not only look at size, width, shape and proportions, but also a child’s standing stance, and walking gait to find the most appropriate footwear for each unique pair of feet.