COVID-19 Statement.

Our measures to protect our staff and customers.

In these times, where the safety of our customers and our employees is important, we are continuing with our measures that were introduced at the end of the first lockdown.

We have re-arranged the shop, so that we can fit up to 4 families at once, safely. When you enter the shop, you will notice that our floors have been marked with high-visibility tape. This has been done to remind our customers of keeping a safe distance. Lastly, during the busy seasons e.g. back to school, any additional customers are required to queue outside the shop.

Our shoe-fitters are equipped with PPE, while there is access to hand sanitiser for our customers at the front of the shop. We also advise our customers to wear a face mask at all times, and ensure that they bring a spare pair of clean socks for trying on our footwear. When entering Precious Soles, there is an anti-bacterial mat for everyone to clean their shoes.

There is a regular cleaning regime in place, where we disinfect our floors and furniture. This is done before the first appointment, after each appointment, and at the end of the day, or when otherwise necessary. As for our stock, they are checked and sprayed with disinfectant if they have been returned.

We have also introduced a contactless payment system, so that you can use your card or phone to pay for any items.

Despite these measures, your safety also depends on your own actions. Therefore, we kindly request that you refrain from touching any of the displays, and that your children are always supervised.

We look forward to welcoming you to Precious Soles.