Size does not matter! It is only a number. Every foot is unique and requires a detailed analysis before any attempt is made to fit footwear.



Always an efficient and professional service. We have been buying shoes from here for over 8 years and never had cause to complain.





Standard Foot Assessment

Our standard foot assessment is what every customer of Precious Soles experiences when they come in to buy shoes. It is free of charge with every purchase and footwear check. It involves the following:


Length measurement

  • Using a Branock measuring device
  • This gives us our guideline size


Width Measurement

  • Using the same device this gives us our starting width.


Arch height

  • This is an observation assessment of the height of the arch/instep of your foot


Foot depth

  • This puts a better perspective on the width measurements and is again assessed by observation. As an example someone with a wide foot may measure a narrow width on the measuring devices if their foot becomes very shallow towards the toes.


Foot proportions

  • When using the Branock device this is re-enforces our visual assessment. This is a good guide to a more accurate shoe size, as the proportionate length of the heel-toe and heel-ball can influence the fit of a shoe.


Stance and barefoot gait

  • This, again, is a visual assessment and gives us information on whether you may need extra support under the arch of the foot or around the heel or for a more rigid foot cushioning to promote a healthy stance and gait style.


All existing shoes can then be checked using our 6 point scale, which comprises of, toe position, ball position, toe box space, ankle security, fastening integrity, and footwear structure integrity. This is a standard check for all footwear.

Advanced Foot assessment

Our advanced Foot assessment is used when we suspect there may be more going on with lower limb function that originally thought. It is used to rule out any lower limb or joint conditions. It can also be used to gain information on how a previous injury or existing medical condition may be affecting they way you walk.


The assessment takes around 35-40 minutes and includes all of the criteria of our basic assessment plus:

  • Includes lower limb tests deemed necessary in testing for conditions such as hypermobility, muscle weakness and compensations, possible differences in leg length and foot strike patterns.
  • In some cases we can also check ligament and tendon integrity.


These assessments must be booked in advanced with either Peter or Jonathan. and if deemed necessary you may be referrred on to a podiatrist.


This is a chargeable service and the price varies so please request the cost when you contact us.


Our unique footwear adaptation service is one of the services that makes us stand out above other footwear retailers.
We use adaptations in cases where a foot is extremely narrow or wide, where an instep is extremely high or flat, where orthotics are present, and in some cases for prescriptive reasons from podiatrists and other medical specialists.
Please note we will not do adaptations if we do not deem it absolutely necessary for the fit of the footwear and for the improvement of gait style.


Our in store adaptations depending on complexity usually take between 5-15 minutes. Our more complex adaptations which involve deconstruction of the footwear can take up to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the adaptation
As each adaptation is unique and every shoe is different, the price for each adaptation is quoted before any work is started.