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Kirsty Whitely

Kirsty Joined us in 2017 full of desire and enthusiasm as a back to work mum. This positive attitude helped her grasp the important aspects of shoe fitting very quickly. Despite being completely new to shoe fitting with her fearless approach, we were able to trust her with our customers within a few weeks. This strong desire to learn has helped her to complete the Society of Shoe Fitters course.

As a mum Kirsty totally understands the importance of footwear on young feet and lower limbs and does whatever she can, to deliver the best service and fit. Kirsty has become a fitter of choice for many of our customers. She can easily adapt to the needs of every customer and shows a real interest and concern especially with the really young ones who come in looking for her and can’t wait to give her a hug. She has a caring nature and likes to give her all in an effort to achieve the perfect fit and have her customers leave totally happy with their new footwear.

Kirsty loves to tell a story, oh yes, she does believe me, with the same enthusiasm as she approaches her work. Her bubbly and outgoing personality can become rather infectious and her can-do approach keeps on benefiting us and the customers she serves.

Kirsty Whitely