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Alex Evans

Having been one of Precious Soles’ earliest, and often most challenging, customers, Alex immediately understood the values of the shop. Despite all the changes, his highly positive attitude has remained the same and has gone from strength to strength.

Alex has changed substantially since joining us in 2014, having gone through his school, and now university period, while regularly working with us. Furthermore, worn orthotics from a young age, right into adulthood, Alex knows the vast majority of issues that can arise when fitting and is pragmatic in response.

Being a keen speaker, and currently reading law at university, Alex knows not only how to convey complicated information to a wide customer basis, but will listen and constantly adapt to the needs of each specific customer. Despite being relatively young, Alex has a broad range of experience that allows him to relate himself and effectively communicate with all age ranges; whether that be from having only recently left school, having two younger sisters or voluntary work abroad.

While only in the shop intermittently due to educational commitments, Alex always proves to be a valuable member of the team to both staff and customers with his experience, pragmatic approach and determined attitude to ensure customers leave satisfied with shoes and service.

Alex Evans

Shoe Fitter 

Covid-19 Guidelines

The 2 most important things to remember for your visit to Precious Soles.

Please ensure that everyone coming into the shop is wearing a face mask. This applies to anyone aged 6 years or older unless exempt from wearing a mask in which case please be as protected as possible.

Please bring an extra pair of clean socks to change into in the store for every pair of feet we are fitting. This is to make sure there is no bacteria transmitted from existing footwear to new footwear.